Radiographic, tomography and three-dimensional description of the clinical anatomy of the long bones of Rupornis Magnirostris


  • Luiz Felipe Souza de Lima
  • Anna Julia Brandão Paes de Barros
  • Edson Moleta Colodel
  • Pedro Eduardo Brandini Nespoli
  • Lianna Ghisi Gomes
  • Roberto Lopes de Souza



bird of prey, 3D anatomy, 3D medical


Birds of prey play an important role in the ecological balance of several biomes, but their proximity to urban areas often causes harm to the animal. The investigation of clinical surgical approaches requires a precise understanding of the anatomical system, especially when applied to imaging exams of wild animals. In this article we present the clinical anatomy of the long bones of Rupornis magnirostris, roadside hawk, focusing on its express form in the imaging tests adopted. Cadavers were submitted to digital radiography and computed tomography, providing models of both two-dimensional images and three-dimensional images of long bones through the segmentation of tomographic images, both 2D and 3D data were contrasted by anatomical dissection. In this article we obtain: (1) A summary of the nomenclature used in the literature of the long bones of the birds perceived in the imaging examinations. The approach presented here provides considerable advantages for the interpretation and communication of anatomical information and its visualization; (2) the 3D model produced from the segmentation process as an interactive model in the form of an embedded 3D image, which can be viewed at any angle and size, allowing the structure to be evidenced as necessary to provide an understanding of the normal anatomy of long bones of this species.


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de Lima, L. F. S., de Barros, A. J. B. P., Colodel, E. M., Nespoli, P. E. B., Gomes, L. G., & de Souza, R. L. (2023). Radiographic, tomography and three-dimensional description of the clinical anatomy of the long bones of Rupornis Magnirostris. OBSERVATÓRIO DE LA ECONOMÍA LATINOAMERICANA, 21(10), 16852–16873.




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