Cryopreservation techniques in genipap and mangaba: challengers and perspectives


  • Anna Beatriz Nogueira de Araújo
  • Annie Carolina Araújo de Oliveira
  • Genilza Almeida da Graça
  • Ana Veruska Cruz da Silva
  • Ana da Silva Lédo



Genipa americana L, Hancornia speciosa Gomes, cryopreservation, encapsulation, ex situ conservation


The genipap (Genipa americana L.) is a native species of Brazil, found in various regions of the country, from the North to the South, including Sergipe. On the other hand, the mangabeira (Hancornia speciosa Gomes), another Brazilian tropical plant, is recognized for its fruits rich in iron and vitamin C, widely exploited by the pulp, juice, and ice cream industry. However, it faces threats due to urban development in the coastal region. To preserve these species, techniques such as cryopreservation are fundamental. This approach, which maintains plant tissues at ultra-low temperatures, allows the conservation of genetic material indefinitely, contributing to the maintenance of biological diversity. Encapsulation technology, which involves enclosing plant material in a specific matrix, is also promising in this context, offering a long-term preservation method for plant explants and embryos. These methods represent significant advances in the field of plant species conservation, providing effective strategies to ensure the survival of these plants in the face of environmental challenges and human development. The objective of this review is to address some studies involving cryopreservation techniques for genipap and mangaba species. Through cryopreservation techniques, we can achieve ex situ conservation for the germplasm bank as well as for plant regeneration and reforestation of areas. It is evident that there is a need to increase studies on the conservation of both species.


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