Evaluation of technologies for oncology medicines: how value is assessed


  • João Leandro Cássio de Oliveira
  • Ana Paula Barros Silva




technology valuation, technology transfer, university and company relationship, oncological drugs


Pricing or understanding the value of a technology is a very complex activity, after all, valuation is a multidisciplinary activity. This activity is inserted in the broad context of science, technology and innovation, which requires knowledge of several tools. Therefore, this manuscript aims to answer which technology valuation models are applicable, in technology transfer, in the oncology drugs sector. To achieve success, a documentary study was carried out, mapping the main manuscripts focused on this topic. The research was carried out through surveys in the Scopus database and VOSviewer was used to formulate the citation network. It was concluded, in terms of results, that analytical methods are best applied to the proposed objective, it was also possible to understand that valuation is not a single process, but a set of criteria that allows the analyst to know the various methods and various possibilities application of methodologies in the context of technology transfer.


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