Analysis of the nutritional profile of community residents riverside of the low Amazon mesoregion


  • Ana Júlia de Aquino Queiroz
  • Maria Rita Fialho do Nascimento
  • Raissa Sousa de Oliveira
  • Waldiney Pires Moraes
  • Sheyla Mara Silva de Oliveira
  • Franciane de Paula Fernandes
  • Tatiane da Costa Quaresma
  • Lívia de Aguiar Valentim



groups of risk, nutrition, Amazon


The Amazon riverside population is rich in natural resources, due to the enormous diversity of fish and fruits, which are sufficient components in the supply of nutrients such as micronutrients, protein and calories. However, due to factors risky behaviors, has shown a low quality of life compared to the average national. This is a descriptive study, with a quantitative approach, carried out through an interview with 53 residents of riverside communities located in the mesoregion of Lower Amazon. As a result, it is estimated that even the socioeconomic conditions of riverside populations are limited, the abundance of food extracted from the forest and watersheds extensive areas seem to supply the minimum conditions to inhabit the region, however it limits the improvement of their living conditions. This panorama is attenuated by the environment, whose variations seasonal factors influence the way of life, leading to the need for riverside dwellers to adapt to survive.


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