Amazon potential: technological prospect on the use of acai oil (Euterpe oleracea) in the development of bioproducts in the last decade (2014-2023)


  • Eliakim do Nascimento Mendes
  • Allysson Kayron de Carvalho Silva
  • Amaury Vieira Cruz Moraes
  • João Victor Veras da Fonseca
  • Juliana Moura Mendes
  • Maria do Desterro Soares Brandão Nascimento



Euterpe oleracea, acai berry oil, technological prospecting


The acai oil, extracted from Euterpe oleracea, has a wide range of promising biological activities, being produced on a large scale in Brazil, mainly in the Amazon region. Studies highlight its health benefits, including antimicrobial activity, anticancer action, antiatherogenic, anti-hypercholesterolemic, anti-hypertriglyceridemic, anti-inflammatory, and antinociceptive. Acai berry oil also shows potential in technological production. This technological prospecting was carried out between 2014 and 2023 to identify patents related to its use. 15 patent registrations were found, with applications in various sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Brazil's supremacy in this field, especially by higher education institutions, reflects the country's scientific and innovative potential, highlighting the fundamental role of universities and research centers in generating applied knowledge and in the search for sustainable solutions. It is essential to continue supporting and encouraging research and innovation, promoting strategic partnerships between academia, industry and government, so that the knowledge generated contributes effectively to social, economic and environmental progress, both in Brazil and globally.


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