Influence of hydro-cycloning, kiln and spray drying on the rheological properties of bentonite clays


  • Veronica Cavalcante Marques
  • Hevair Castro Silva
  • Ayane Maria Teixeira Rodrigues
  • Juliana de Melo Cartaxo
  • Veruscka Araujo Silva
  • Heber Sivini Ferreira



bentonite, hydrocycloning, kiln, spray dryer


Over the years, uncontrolled exploitation of bentonite clays in Boa Vista - PB has resulted in the exhaustion fat clay varieties. Bentonites with a high percentage of residual minerals - contaminants such as quartz - which negatively influence the rheological properties of the dispersions are the current norm. In order to obtain samples with rheological values that meet Petrobras standard EP-1EP-00011-A, this study recommends concentrating dispersions of the less fatty clays through a hydrocycloning, kiln and spray drying operation. Thus, prepared dispersions of two compositions of Bofe, Chocolate, Verde-Lodo and Chocobofe clays, with 4wt.% concentrations, were selected by experimental design to be concentrated through hydrocycloning. The concentrates were kiln and spray dried in two drying configurations. The results proved the efficacy of hydrocycloning and spray drying operations on these mixtures, with remarkable improvements in the rheological properties. Also, there was an increase in the quartz fraction in all wastes and a decrease in the clay mineral concentrates.


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Marques, V. C., Silva, H. C., Rodrigues, A. M. T., Cartaxo, J. de M., Silva, V. A., & Ferreira, H. S. (2024). Influence of hydro-cycloning, kiln and spray drying on the rheological properties of bentonite clays . OBSERVATÓRIO DE LA ECONOMÍA LATINOAMERICANA, 22(1), 454–473.




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