Characterization of chilled pasteurized egg white with chocolate flavor


  • Jéssica Mayuri Omae
  • Ana Paula Stafussa
  • Jaqueline Ferreira Silva
  • Grasiele Scaramal Madrona



healthy food, protein drink, shelf life


Egg products are widely used in the food industry, mainly for manufacturing products aimed at people who practice physical activity. Among them, egg white, in addition to being very versatile, has nutritional benefits for a protein product offering all the essential amino acids in addition to health benefits. Thus, the egg industries to seek other ways of presenting this ready-to-eat product, one of them being the addition of flavor, in order to present a more pleasant sensorial product. Thus, this study aimed to characterize physicochemically and microbiologically the pasteurized egg white with chocolate flavor. For this, analyzes of pH, color, nutritional composition, water activity, microbiology and texture were carried out, as well as sensory analysis to evaluate the acceptance of the product. Finally, it was concluded that the chocolate-flavored egg white is a good flavor option for the product, presenting characteristics very close to the traditional one, maintaining the benefits and adding others, such as masking the darkening caused by processing and promoting a more pleasant flavor to consumption.


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