Technological advances in irrigation from the perspective of articicial intelligence


  • Cristiano Galafassi
  • Charles Quevedo Carpes
  • Fabiane Flores Penteado Galafassi
  • Daniel Ciro de Souza
  • Alexandre Russini
  • Catize Brandelero
  • Lorenzo Bervian Machado
  • Pedro Olea Hamann



irrigation, artificial intelligence, systems, exploratory, research, technology


The purpose of this study was to conduct an analysis of technological advancements and current irrigation situation in agriculture from the perspective of artificial intelligence. The Scopus platform's database was initially used to find scientific articles published in recent decades that highlight the use of artificial intelligence techniques regarding irrigation in agriculture. From the 807 publications returned by the search process a sample of 19 publications that underwent systematic analysis were chosen statistically. The areas of Artificial Intelligence were classified: Expert Systems (30.70%), Optimization (30.70%), Machine Learning (10.30%), Evolutionary Computing (10.30%), Robotics and Remote Sensing (10.20%), with Automation, IoT and Natural Language Processing with 2.6%, respectively. Considering the conditions under which the study was conducted the analysis reveals that in the last 10 years (2012 to 2022) account, for about 70% of categories assigned to research that is conducted inside AI areas and aims to create data that can be utilized to support practical decisions about the use of water.


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