Consumer perception, preferences and purchase intention towards ice cream in brazilian regions


  • Khadija Bezerra Massaut
  • Maria Fernanda Fernandes Siqueira
  • Angela Nunes Moreira
  • Wladimir Padilha da Silva
  • Ângela Maria Fiorentini



dairy products, eating habits, healthy lifestyle, regional food, social anthropology of food, consumer behavior


The study's objective was to evaluate the preferences of ice cream consumption in Brazilian regions and to identify the perception and purchase intention. The research covered 3,339 individuals; most reported having no dietary restrictions, consuming ice cream regardless of the time of year, preferring chocolate and strawberry flavors, considering the ice cream a dessert, unhealthiness was the perception most expressed and, as purchase intention, lactose-free and vegan, light and with fiber products were the most cited. Therefore, ice cream has high market potential for developing new functional products, given its high prevalence of consumption and acceptability.


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