The challenge of innovation and the nature of jobs under the pandemic-19


  • Luís Felipe Maldaner
  • Flávia Siqueira Fiorin
  • Daniela Carolina Eckert



nature of jobs, soft skills, industry 4.0, professional profile


This article aims to discuss the impact of technological advances on the nature of work in Brazil, under three main aspects: a) the context of innovation processes; b) the introduction of industry 4.0 concept; c) the Covid-19 pandemic. Technological changes, both in the innovation process in the company, and in the advent of industry 4.0, were, to a certain extent, hastened by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, the analysis carried out by this study was based on data provided in surveys carried out by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) and by IPEA (Institute of Applied Research). The findings of this research show two main aspects: a) workers in certain areas need to improve new skills, especially with regard to cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence to support work in this new era of digitalization associated with remote work caused by the pandemic; b) companies will have to rethink their infrastructure and invest in new digital technologies to remain competitive and be able to operate with a portion of their employees working in the home office productively. In addition, they will have the flexibility to manage people in these conditions and obtain the best results from them.


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