Citrus species hydroalcoholic extracts are promising alternatives for the sustainable coffee red mite (Oligonychus ilicis) management?


  • Mylena da Silva Gomes
  • Ariana Magnago
  • Anderson Mathias Holtz
  • Johnatan Jair de Paula Marchiori
  • Ana Beatriz Mamedes Piffer
  • Irany Rodrigues Pretti
  • José Romário de Carvalho
  • Gabriel Fornaciari
  • Ronilda Lana Aguiar



alternative control, Citrus aurantifolia, Citrus latifolia, conilon coffee


The coffee red mite, Oligonychus ilicis, is an important pest for Conilon coffee, Coffea canephora. This study aimed to evaluate the acaricidal potential of Citrus aurantifolia and Citrus latifolia peels hydroalcoholic extracts against O. ilicis. The citrus peel extracts at concentrations of 0.10, 0.17, 0.30, 0.51, 0.87, and 1.50 % w v-1 were sprayed on O. ilicis and its mortality was evaluated. Data were subjected to Probit analysis (p≤0.05) with the R statistical software and the LC50 and LC90 were calculated. O. ilicis mortality was dose-dependent on the concentration of the citrus peel hydroalcoholic extract. The slope coefficients of the O. ilicis mortality curves as a function of the concentration of extracts were 2.6057 and 1.4498 for C. aurantifolia and C. latifolia extracts, with LC50 and LC90 of 0.173 and 0.537% w v -1, for the first, and 0.048 and 0.368% m v -1, for the second, respectively. C. latifolia presented more phenolics and tannins in its composition than C. aurantifolia. C. latifolia and C. aurantifolia extracts showed an effective acaricide effect against O. ilicis, being a promising alternative for coffee red mite management.


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